Rentflow is the best property management software in the Czech Republic, and is used by forward thinking companies who wish to automate their business to the next level, save money and deliver excellent service to their clients.

Rentflow has a number of features that are specific to the Czech property management market, for example:

  • All users can use Rentflow in the Czech language (in addition to other languages)
  • Connections with 23 Czech banks (for automated rent tracking), using the latest PSD2 APIs, and Czech bank account formats
  • Message templates in Czech language provided by default
  • Czech number format handled
  • Czech date and time formats handled
  • Czech currency handled
  • Czech alphabet handed when searching, eg typing “r” would still find “ř”
  • Czech VAT rates handled on fees (which are automatically calculated)
  • Charges paid along with the Rent are handled (which is common in the Czech Republic)
  • Various bill types that are common in the Czech Republic are available
  • Czech addresses and ability to search on them (inc handling city names in different languages, eg Prague vs Praha)
  • Czech room types handled (eg 2+kk, 2+1 etc)
  • Integrations with Czech accountancy software
  • Rentflow provides support to clients in Czech language
  • And more …

All of this is, of course, in addition to the other property management features that can be used across many countries, including the Czech Republic.

If you have a software requirement for your Czech property management business, let us know and it would be a pleasure to assist.

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