Online property
management software

Rentflow makes property management automated, integrated, organised and secure for all stakeholders

Designed for property managers, letting agents, landlords and tenants to
effectively manage residential & commercial properties, from anywhere 24/7

Automate your property business to the next level and beyond
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Automates the processes involved with
managing a property with long term tenants,
in a highly integrated way.

Gain and retain more clients.
Save time/money/stress with increased efficiencies.
Have happier and more effective employees.
More portfolio control, oversight and reporting.
Rentflow dramatically
increases efficiency
Makes problem
resolution a breeze
Helps to cut
out mistakes
Improves reporting
& communication


Rich functionality using the latest
technology to get your property business
automated, integrated, organised and
data secured.


Thousands of units managed across
several countries/currencies in 14
languages and 2500+ banks connected.


Fair and flexible, the more properties you
manage the less per property you pay,
with unlimited support.


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key tasks from messaging to banking
automated so you don’t have to worry


improve communication with owners & tenants, increase
transparency, and complex handling of documents and


all payments handled and clearly reported. Fees
automatically calculated and VAT accounted for. All rents &
bills tracked

And more ...

all integrated and secure in the cloud across multiple
countries / currencies / languages for a range of user roles,
with unlimited support

Our clients


I've been using Rentflow for many years now to manage my property portfolio across several countries. Its easy to use, does everything I need, and has especially good financial reporting. I literally couldn't live without it!
I've tried many different systems over the years and Rentflow is by far the best. Its both user friendly and impressive in its detail. It has many well thought out features that make my life so much easier when managing a large number of properties, not to mention it also keeps our tenants happy. I'm looking forward to see what further improvements get released soon.
As an accountant Rentflow makes my job so much easier when it comes to tracking rent, making bill payments, balances, cashflow forecasts and overall ensuring all the numbers are accurate and up to date. The reporting tools are excellent, with all data clear and transparent in real-time, making communication between all stakeholders a breeze.