Rentflow provides complex handling of languages and related settings.

All parts of Rentflow, for all users, are currently provided in the following 14 languages: English, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Romanian, Turkish, Hebrew. (more languages can be added on request).

On any page in the system you can switch to see it in a different language.

All languages are translated manually by humans, not machines, using Rentflow’s translation tool (which is also visible to admin users).

Default message templates are provided in the same 14 languages, and users can add Custom message templates in 184 languages. Templates can also be flagged as “Update required” so translators can easily see they need to be updated. Admin users can assign someone a Translator role in the CRM which would allow them to translate Custom message templates without having access to other parts of the system.

Rentflow automatically determines in which language is the best to send a message to a particular person.

URL links do not contain a language code, so they can be sent to other users who would then see the page in their own language.

Various fields can be added in both English and the local language of the property country. Same applies to Listings.

In the CRM users can be assigned multiple languages (so you have a record of which languages they speak). The user’s name in the CRM can be added in 3 different languages scripts (latin, cyrillic, hebrew).

Searching in Rentflow handles specific language characters and still finds variations of the same, eg typing “r” would still find “ř” in Czech, typing “l” would still find “ł” in Polish and so on.

Default page language is automatically determined by the users browser settings, but can be changed manually by the user.

Based on the page language Rentflow automatically determines the best format for:

  • date & time
  • numbers
  • start day of the week

These formats can also be customised under locale settings.

The implementation of languages is ISO compliant.