In Rentflow you can give any user log in access and set a role for them. For some roles you can also further restrict them by Branch and/or Country.

Currently we have the following roles:

  • Superuser – can do all actions across the system in all branches
  • Branch admin – can do all actions in their assigned branch
  • Property manager – can do most actions in their assigned branch/country
  • Observer – can view all users & properties in their assigned branch/country
  • Translator – can view all templates and edit the template of their assigned language
  • Owner – can view all properties they own but some data are hidden
  • Tenant – can view all contracts they are a tenant of

You can give users any combination of multiple roles across branches and countries.

You can also set the default manager and default agent that will appear on properties and listings by default.

All roles are visible in the CRM and can be filtered on.

To assign / edit a role simply click the Edit access button on the user in the CRM.

Full details of what each role can / can’t do is visible on the Permissions viewer page.